In memory of Thomas Thompson
the author of Blood and Money.

10/03/1933 to 10/29/1982
Joan Robinson Hill
The death of Joan
Robinson Hill  remains one
of Houston's most
compelling murder
mysteries after 40 years.
February 6, 1931

March 19, 1969
On March 15, 1969, the 38
year old world champion
equestrian would fall ill
with what she thought to
be the flu.
After three days of
declining health Joan is
admitted to Sharpstown
Hospital where she died 14
hours later.
Her body would be whisked away and embalmed
before an autopsy could be performed prompting oil
man Ash Robinson to accuse his son -in- law  Dr. John
Hill of murdering his only child.

After two autopsies the true cause of death could not
be determined  except that she died of a massive
bacterial infection of some kind. Ash was convinced
that John poisoned Joan so he could be free to marry
his mistress.
John Robert Hill
February 3, 1931

September 24, 1972
Dr. John Hill would be
charged with murder in the
death of his wife Joan.

Within weeks he would
marry his mistress, who
later testified that John tried
to kill her after confessing
he murdered Joan, his
father, and brother Julian.
Against the advice of his attorney, John would marry
for a third time. The marriage appeared to be a happy
one until Dr. Hill was brutally murdered in the foyer of
his River Oaks home.

Rumor was that Ash Robinson had contracted a hit on
his son -in- law to avenge Joan. John's third wife, son,
and mother would file a wrongful death suit against
Ash that would last for ten years.
        Kirby Dr.

The Hill's purchased the
home in 1966 for the sum of
$80,000 with John investing
$100,000 more to complete
the music room.

The Kirby Dr. Mansion has
been connected to a dark
history of death and turmoil.
One of the previous owners died of cancer in the very room
Joan lay dying from an unknown illness. Other occupants
would find themselves embroiled in nasty divorce battles or
pushed to the edge of suicide. The couple had only lived in
the house a year before their troubles started beginning with
John's affair and ending with the death of them both.

After John's murder Connie and Robert lived in the home
until the early eighties. The home was sold after Connie
remarried and Robert left for college. There have been only
two owners since the Hill's owned the home, both prominent

The house still stands today but has undergone extensive
remodeling by the previous owner who purchased the home
from Robert Hill. The owner converted the third floor attic and
remodeled the entrance. The exterior of the home has not
changed except for the front door and the dormers on the
third floor.
This site contains
information about Joan's last
hours  including her daily
diary and letters written by
Joan herself.

After many hours of
research our team has
uncovered  information that
was never made available to
the public.
Even though Bobby Wayne Vandiver confessed to the
murder of John Hill it was never clear just who placed a hit
on him. Every one in town speculated that Joan's father Ash
was the culprit but this was never proven. New evidence
revealed that Ash Robinson may not have contracted the
killing after all.

40 years later evidence proves this case has taken a bizarre
twist into the underworld of the crime, adultery, ex -spouses,
and  connections to organized crime.
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